The Interesting Facts About Netflix You Probably Didn’t Know

Established in 1997 as a rivalry company with Blockbuster, Netflix started its journey as a DVD-by-mail subscription service. Providing the subscribed users with instant streaming of movies, TV shows, and original series, this media company has made it large and brought down the then famous DVD subscription service Blockbuster. It is currently enjoying the ‘best streaming website’ crown and is quite famous amongst the users. Enjoying a user base of over 99 million subscribers, it is ruling the world of online streaming. And if you haven’t heard of Netflix, you’re probably living in the stone age. Trust me. Anyways, we have scrutinized some interesting facts about everyone’s favorite streaming service.

1. Netflix Is Older Than Google


It was founded in 1997 as a DVD-by-mail service whereas the tech-giant Google was established in 1998. So you see, Netflix has beaten the most successful company in this world. In terms of age, of course.







2. Netflix Knows Everything


This streaming service runs a ton of research data on its users. One of the interesting facts is the research analysis that shows it only takes a minute-and-half for a user to lose interest in the company. That’s quick!

3. Blockbuster Refused To Buy Netflix


Netflix came as a demise of the movie rental company Blockbuster. But a few people know that back in 2000, Blockbuster refused to buy it and declined the $50 million offer. They possibly regret the decision now.

4. The Content Description Mashup

Netflix experienced a bug in 2014, which caused a huge content description fuck up. The bug mixed the description of two shows and the results were awkward and hilarious. Some people did the favor and saved the evidence.

5. Netflix Was Called Kibble

In the beginning, the co-founder Marc Randolph couldn’t come up with a name for the company. He used “Kibble” for the time being until he and Reed Hastings changed it to the current name.

6. Secret Categories

Apart from the standard categories on the website, there are a ton of other secret ones that do exist as well. To access these secret categories just type in in the browser and enter specific codes in place of “###”.

7. The Most Popular Show

Releasing some of the most famous shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things, the most popular show may surprise you. Fuller House is the most watched Netflix show closely followed by Daredevil, Orange is The New Black and Stranger Things.

8. Netflix Keeps A Close Look At BitTorrent

To have an idea of what the users like to watch, Netflix closely monitors BitTorrent in order to know what the people are watching illegally.

9. The Emmy Awards

The House of Cards became the first online series to get nominated for these prestigious awards. When Netflix brought up a storm in the online streaming services, Emmy Awards caught hold of this and they awarded 14 nominations to the show. It took three awards home.

10. First Show

The House of Cards is usually interpreted to be the first Netflix original show, but that isn’t true. When the company dived into original programming, their first show was Lilyhammer.