Kingdome Come Deliverance comes out Tuesday February 13, 2018

Kingdome Come Deliverance comes out Tuesday, February 13, 2018, and while Valentine’s Day is the day after. This game is not the game to miss for sure with the graphics on the Play Station 4, Xbox One, or your Pc you will definitely enjoy every minute of it. Or it can be an early present for your significant other as well. This game is based out of the Czech Republica back in the 1400’s.

So your men are fighting with the true old world style weapons of swords, axes, bows, and medieval weapons. The game is a single player set up in which you are the son of the blacksmith that has to defend himself and where he is not by choice but due to his family has been murdered and he wants justice for this. You are required to try and battle thru the invasions as they come trying to help protect the kingdom.

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As you move thru you will find events that you must attend. You will have characters you will come across, locations, inventory of what you have on hand, and a quest log with a map on where you must go. As you lead the army you form to avenge the death of your family, you go further thru the country and battle the men one by one.

You go to a depth from mountaintops to lakes and rivers you will even have to go in as a monk to be able to do what you will need to do. But you have to be careful though due to you are not sure where the company that killed your family is at and they can be coming at any time. To win the game you must get thru it all and get to the king to finish the job. I think when this game comes out it is going to be one for the books and going to make top sales. It is already in the most wanted and I have to agree.


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