World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth – Which side will you choose?

BlizzCon would not be complete without announcing a new expansion for World of Warcraft. Therefore, WoW will be enjoying a new chapter, Battle for Azeroth, which seems to be a return to the basic concept of the Warcraft universe, namely the conflict between humans and orcs, between the Alliance and the Horde. Somehow such a move was expected, since the last two expansions kind of blithered the line of war, putting both fronts into battle against common threats.

The trailer makes it very clear that Battle for Azeroth will deepen the conflict between the two factions and the drums of war will beat once again. This time, it seems that at the end of the current expansion, Azeroth will suffer a deep wound from which the vital essence will flow into the world. The Azeroth will be the apple of discord, but maybe the rivalry between Anduin and Sylvanas will have other shades as well, yet undefined in the current version of the game.

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In the upcoming expansion, each faction will be in a hurry to find new recruits before declaring war on each other. The Alliance intends to join forces with Kul Tiras, Jaina Proudmoore’s native land. Meanwhile, the Horde ventures into the jungles of Zandalar to win the trolls on their side. Once you have recruited your allies, each faction will start the assault on the enemy island.

According to the expansion cycle, Battle for Azeroth will not bring any new classes, but new races or rather variations of the old ones already introduced. Once you have enough reputation with any of Lightforged Draenei, Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne, Void Elves, Dark Iron Dwarves or Zandalari Trolls, you can unlock their aesthetic features and you will have the chance to take a new character up to level 120 to win a new set of Heritage Armor.

Battle of Azeroth will be a crucial moment for World of Warcraft, due to the 7.3.5 patch that will be launched before the actual expansion and will totally change the level up experience, merging the leveling segments between levels 60-80 and 80-90. As a matter of fact, players will be able to choose between the levels/expansion levels so that between levels 60 and 80 we can choose to grow our characters either in Outland, reliving the Burning Crusade or in Northrend, reliving the Wrath of the Lich King and between 80 and 90 we will choose between Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, the progression level being the same. Of course, for those who aren’t sure, there is always the possibility to juggle around.

Warfronts are even a better idea, inspired by previous Warcraft strategy games. Twenty groups will unite their forces and launch an attack to capture strategic locations. You will lead the attack accompanied by soldiers under your command as you blast the outposts and fight against enemy commanders. These are all in addition to the usual dungeons and raids that players will look for any new ones like Waycrest Mano, Freehold, Tol Dagor, Shrine of the Storm, Siege of Boralus, Atal’Dazar, Temple of Seth alias, The Underrot, King’s Reset and Kezan when it comes to new dungeons and Udir and Halls of Control for new raids.
The expansion will take out the artifacts introduced with Legion, but instead there will be a similar system in which you will have access to a new resource called Azerite, used to customize your armor and new features.

I am sure that some people were a little disappointed, given the very great expectations we all had, but also the rumors that sprouted some YouTube channels dedicated to this subject, such as Bellular Gaming for example. There was still talk of a new race and it was hoped that if would be a Naga, though the idea of a mermaid riding a mount of any kind is hilarious.

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The launch date is not settled yet, but we can figure out that Battle of Azeroth it’s an expansion with a nautical theme that lights up once again the flame between the Alliance and the Horde, as players progress to level 120.