Xbox Latest Version Now Live, What’s in It?

The latest Xbox One version is contrary to the expectations of most gaming enthusiasts as it focuses more on easing accessibility and less on visual modifications.

The newest UI rather has effected certain changes in its “Do not Disturb”, game hubs, next achievements and inactivity options. The inactivity option prevents the Xbox from turning off after some time of inactivity, also the user can have the console switch off automatically while reserving power for later.

In addition, power saving and muting notifications have assumed an easier path with the “Do not Disturb” mode muting notifications as long as the Xbox stays on. Also, the new version allows the player to find their favourite hubs just by pressing the home button rather than going all the way to the game hub.

The Next Achievement option provides gives the user a chance to engage in an achievement hunting spree rather than revealing all the necessary information they could want for the game. This option sorts levels by common, most common rare, rare and the highest game score categories and shows the achievements the player is closest to unlocking.

Kingdome Come Deliverance comes out Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Meanwhile, to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox 360 subscribers, the February freebie has been unleashed with Shadow Warrior and Ubisoft’s zombie game, Zombi remaining free up until February 15. Also, Split/Second, a racing game would be free as well till mid-February. This game is only accessible through backward compatibility and is developed by Disney.