Baby is coming! Do not panic mom!

Future moms are often concerned if they will know how to properly take care of a newborn, especially if it’s their first child. Reading books, gathering information via the internet and advising with pediatricians and other mothers that already successfully raised kids is the best preparation for the arrival of your child. Definitely, practice is extremely important because through practice you’ll be able to truly absorb all that knowledge. It is extremely important to be very gentle with the baby, especially during baby’s first few days in this world. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask for help during your stay in the hospital after giving birth. Midwives and doctors will give you the best pieces of advice. If you feel the necessity, ask for hospital staff to show you how to the easiest way to swaddle a baby. Then you do it in their presence so they can point out any mistakes you make if you make them.


If it’s your first pregnancy it would be great to have someone experienced to help you during your first few days at home. If possible, your mother would be an ideal person. Make sure that you have enough support from your loved ones. When it comes to room temperature, it is understandable that you’re worried that the baby might be cold. But do keep in mind that the right temperature for the baby is the same temperature that’s right for you. If you can’t sleep cause it’s too hot the baby will feel the same. Most important thing is not to let anyone smoke near your baby. Be wary of all surrounding factors that might influence your baby’s health. Do not worry, taking care of the baby will come naturally to you. Just remember to relax, take a deep breath. If you’re tense the baby will be too. Remember, they can feel if you’re moody.

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