31st Really Related to Volcanic Activity on Earth?

Should we get ready for the “big one”, or should we just relax and enjoy the rare view on the 31st?

According to a statement released by NASA, we will be able to see one of the three Super Moons from a trilogy—a so-called Blue Moon—combined with a solar eclipse, making three special celestial moments in one night. Together, they make something NASA has referred to as the “super blue blood moon”.’

“You almost feel as though you could reach out, grab the glowing orb, and drop it into your coffee cup,” NASA said.

With this at hand, many people are excited to take pictures and witness an extremely rare phenomenon. However, there are people who believe that the rare supermoon signals calamities to come—or might have already happened in the past days.

A few days ago, Mt. Mayon in the Philippines had erupted with more than 27,000 villagers evacuated from their homes. Many people believe it has something to do with the super blue blood moon on January 31, 2018. But is there any scientific proof that the blood moon has anything to do with the eruption? How is the moon related to the volcanic activity on Earth?

According to experts, this phenomenal event is quite relevant to the Pacific Ring of Fire including the Mayon Volcano because eclipses have always been associated with natural disasters. The sun and the moon have gravitational pulls, which usually manifests in the form of tides.

During a blood moon, the planet is being under pressure from sun and moon creating a shift in tectonic plates resulting to earthquakes and volcano eruptions. The supermoon could intensify that pressure because of the stronger gravitational force. This isn’t the first time a supermoon has affected volcanic activity on Earth.

In 2015, Chile experienced a magnitude 8.3 quake prior the super blue blood moon.

In 2010, Japan was shaken by a magnitude 7.4 earthquake during the same day of the lunar eclipse. The following day, Iran has been struck by a magnitude 6.5 tremor, which took the lives of at least 11 people.

But should people be ready for the “big one”? Fortunately, we don’t need to panic as this should pass as it would not create a global catastrophic destruction of all things living. Just chill, take a sip of your favorite coffee, and feast your eyes on the super blue blood moon on the 31st!

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