5 Foods You Were Eating Wrong ( You Need to Read This)

You won’t believe it when I tell you, you want to why I know? It’s only because I did not think it was possible until I was told too. Many people do not like being told they are wrong, they just put up their defenses, and I’m also guilty of this.

5 Foods you Eat Wrongly


  1. Chocolates: My experience was particularly painful especially when I barely knew the person only to be told I was not breaking the Toblerone properly. How else do you cut these bars of triangle yumminess, I thought it was going to be one of those moments on YouTube where the young girl will use a finger to break the chocolate bars.

I was surprised when this young girl just places the tip of my thumb on the tip of the triangle, and she presses my mind, and the triangular segment broke away. OMG! I was embarrassed at how easy it was. I always wanted to emulate the strength my cousins use in breaking the chocolate bars not realizing there was ever an easy way out, look at me thinking it was merely shaped like a triangle to depict the mountain or the Bear. Guess you didn’t know the mountain was the Bear too, gotcha!

  1. Green Fruits: The second one is the lovely green Hmm, I can’t wait to savor the taste again, it’s been a while I’ve had one of those. No, I am not talking about apples, how else to eat an apple without carving out the head of Steve Jobs, funny right. I am talking about Kiwi, no silly, not the bird and I’m vegetarian besides they are not green. Well, I’m talking about the fruit, growing up I was always eager to prepare the fruit for eating during family dinners. Those were special, but for some reason, my mum won’t let me do the peeling of Kiwi specifically. It was when I grew older I understood I was wasting good money by taking away almost one-third of the delicious fruit with the skin.

But there is a better way to do it now, and nobody stops me getting ready anymore because they know that they will enjoy every last bite of the green flesh of the Chinese gooseberry. Simply cut it into two halves, hand everyone a teaspoon and the rest is history. Call me lazy but my family enjoys it, and if you want to be more meticulous, you can cut them into thin slices, then the skin comes off quite easily, which is also lovely, and that is the way my baby loves her own served and I spoil her.

  1. Banana: Since you want me to talk about it, here it comes. Although I’m indifferent, banana is better peeled from the smaller end. Well, just like the minions, I enjoy it when I draw down from the stem, it feels like I am holding on to something and opening up Pandora box of the yellow sweetness. But I must confess, when you do as much as giving the tail end a rub, it opens up easily.
  2. Noodles: When I go out on dates with my lady, we love going to Chinese restaurants, when leaving we even order an extra takeout. But we run into the same problem every time until the Chinese chef let us in on the secret formula to eating in those cute Chinese boxes. You see, whenever we are about to finish up, we struggle to get the rest of the noodles out easily. But then, we were told to unwrap the pack and get to feast on a flat plate, leaving no hiding place for all those delicious steamed chicken breasts.
  3. Sausage: Finally, the last one is the cocky and sassy sausage that wants to get more attention than necessary before going down the tunnels of the gut. Anyway, I read somewhere that one only needs to cut into spirals, doing that will make it roast faster and evenly.If you agree, feel differently about these facts or you know some other interesting ones, please leave a comment and if you already know these food secrets, who knows this might help a friend who is yet to discover them, so share and spread the news. 

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