Audio books now in the Google Plays store

If you love reading there is some good news for you because Google Play store now supports audio books. The Google Play store is popularly known to house applications for the Android platform. If you have an android phone like the Google Pixel or any other android phone or tables it most certainly has the Google Play store preinstalled.

The Google Play store is mostly known for the mobile applications and games but it is so much more. Did you know the Google Play store supports movies, TV shows, and e-books too? Well, now It also supports audio books. I is actually surprising to know that the store had support for e-books and not audio books. It makes you wonder why it took this long to add audiobooks.

Audiobooks have become more popular in recent times. Considering the number of things that have been trending lately, audiobooks and podcasts are somewhere up the list. Listening to an audiobook is more interesting and enjoyable than reading an actual book. But this is just my opinion. Others may argue that listening to an audiobook is just being lazy.

For those who like to multitask, listening to an audiobook is more productive because to can do a lot of things while listening to your favorite audiobook. You can jog, cook, do your laundry or even do some gardening while listening to an audiobook. If you are a very busy person audiobooks can also make life easier. There are several ways to look at it.

If you go to your local library and try to compare the collection of books there with the play store, you will notice something very interesting. The Google Play store features audio books that are very recent and written by new writers in the scene. The conventional library has old books which can sometimes put you off if you are planning to find some of the latest reads. Again, this is just my opinion, maybe the library near you is up to date.

Another advantage of audiobooks is the fact that people who are blind but have perfect hearing can benefit a lot from audio books. An audiobook is simply an audio recording normal book being narrated by someone else.

If you frequently use the google assistant on your phone to search the internet, launch applications or any other task in your phone, you can also ask it to read you a book from the Google Play store. Google assistant is a very cool feature to use on any android phone that supports it. Google supports most of the official languages in the world which means that you can get an audiobook in the language you prefer. Finally, the prices for audiobooks in the Google Play store are okay so don’t hesitate to try it out and enjoy an audiobook.

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