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Three Vital Ways to Quit Wasting Time and your Life

Most people will expect this to a blog about how they should calculate the time they spend on social media, talking to friends, watching the TV and cut it. But, this is not one of those, even though it is entirely reasonable to moderate the time spent on the internet doing unproductive things. The reason

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Eye Trouble you Need to Know

Undergoing frequent eye tests and medical evaluations are the best ways to protect ourselves against eye problems and to detect sign and symptoms of an eye problem earlier. Although, the eyes tend to deteriorate as people age. However, visiting an optician regularly would delay or prevent any age-related eye defects. It’s important to visit an

Reasons Why you can’t Sleep and Feel Cold

It is one thing to be in love with your blanket and be tucked in under often, and it is a whole different situation when it happens constantly. Some people feel a lot of the findings and discoveries popping up these days about sleep apnea, depression, and a few other conditions are only schemes to

The Black Panther: The review

There have been a lot of celebration and excitement, especially in black communities in America, and in African countries. No, money is not being shared, Marvel just released in cinemas the predominantly black cast movie; The Black Panther”, after months of waiting, and anticipation. The majority, if not all Superhero movies have been predominantly white,

Is Chocolate really an Aphrodisiac?

Human beings have always been to known to search for immediate solutions to problems. When one has a problem with libido and you  hears that consuming a bar of chocolate will probably restore it, won’t you consume a whole pack? The legend of chocolate being a sex stimulant stretches as far back as the 14th

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