Battalion 1944 – Action packed old school WWII shooter

Remember the good old WWII shooters like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty? Those games managed to perfectly describe the chaotic nature of war. They captured the essence of World War II and to an extent, showed us what's it like to be an ordinary soldier amidst the chaos of WWII battlefields. Battalion 1944, more or less, does the same.

Battalion 1944

One of the most successful Kickstarter projects, Battalion 1944 is fast paced, action packed WWII shooter. The game does not focus on farming certain unlocks in order to gain advantage. There are no killstreaks , perk trees or loot boxes! In Battalion 1944, you get to choose your primary weapon at the start of every match.

Battalion 1944 game modes

So far there is only few game modes available. Apart from Training mode and Unranked, there are Arcade and Wartide modes. Training mode is where you train with various weapons and in Unranked you get to play all the PVP matches without the pressure of playing ranked. Wartide mode is ranked PVP mode. One team sets the bomb and the other tries to stop them, so pretty much like in Counter-Strike. Arcade mode puts all the modes like Domination, Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch into one single playlist. It means that players will rotate between these classic game modes and maps.

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In conclusion, Battalion 1944 is an amazing old school WWII shooter many of us have been waiting for. Considering that it already has a good base of dedicated, loyal, regular players we can certainly say that this game will succeed. It may not have a big player base like PUBG or Counter-Strike, but it doesn't have to. As long as developers continue to update the game, fix the bugs and put in new maps and game modes, Battalion 1944 will be a very good choice for fans of classic WWII shooters.

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