Battlefield is returning to World War 2 with Battlefield V

Get ready for an explosive lesson about history. As we already know, this year we're getting another Battlefield game, and it seems it will follow Call of Duty back to the World War 2. According to several anonymous sources, a new title in this FPS series will be called Battlefield V. However, it is stated that the game was internally called Battlefield 2, suggesting that it is indeed a sequel to Battlefield 1. EA already confirmed that we'll have an opportunity to play Battlefield V at EA Play 2018. These rumors are rather surprising because this year we were expecting Battlefield Bad Company 3 set in Vietnam.

Battlefield V

So far EA remained silent. If we were to ask the fans, both options seem great. Bad Company spin-off series already has a cult following, while Battlefield 1 showed that historical battlefields and dynamic Battlefield gameplay go hand in hand. Don't forget, Battlefield 1 pulled in a large number of players. Also, going back to World War 2 would be a direct answer to the last year's Call of Duty: WWII.


If EA decides to go back to WWII, it will be one helluva experience for us indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Battlefield 1. It's really an amazing game. Speaking of the devil, Battlefield 1 recently got a new DLC Apocalypse. The DLC introduces new medals, dog tags, codex entries, weapon and service assignments, new specialization type, maps, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. It also introduced a new game mode called Air Assault. Battlefield 1 brought us lots of fun and we do believe that new Battlefield game regardless if it's Battlefield V or Bad Company 3 will do the same.

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