The Black Panther: The review

There have been a lot of celebration and excitement, especially in black communities in America, and in African countries. No, money is not being shared, Marvel just released in cinemas the predominantly black cast movie; The Black Panther”, after months of waiting, and anticipation. The majority, if not all Superhero movies have been predominantly white, this ranges from Superman to Batman, Thor, Captain America, and even the Incredible Hulk. However, Marvel decided to make a comic-book into a movie. This movie is one that centers around Africa, and focus on an imaginary country called Wakanda. A lot of people, mostly Superhero and Marvel movies fan, have waited their whole life, to see a black superhero. Just the same way the movie “Wonderwoman” totally changed the game for women.

The director of the movie Coogler ensured that he featured the best of the best black actors. Some of the actors that featured in this movie are Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan. He did a good job by carefully selecting these men, who are totally a pleasure to look at, with their well-chiseled body, and acting skills.

Wakanda is a country in Africa, the most technologically advanced country in the world. The people of Wakanda refer to Caucasians as “the colonizers”. Prince T’Challa, acted by Boseman, played the role of a Wakanda leader. He was dressed in a catsuit, a black onesie that looks similar to the outfit of his sister, Shuri. Shuri was played by Letitia Wright. Her role in the move balances that of his brother, Prince T’Challa. The prince does not care much about anything outside his city. He has no interest in the what’s going on in the world until his father got killed in a bombing in Austria.

Wakanda’s humongous status can be attributed to the spectacular extraterrestrial resource they have. This resource is known as Vibranium. The whole world has an eye on this precious resource. In another part of the movie, a soldier named Erik Killmonger walks into a museum and goes away with a Wakanda piece. When the museum curator accosted him and asked him why he would steal the Wakanda relic, he made a nice comeback by saying” how do you think your ancestors got this?”)

The movie showcased a lot of futuristic gadgets. The Black Panther’s skills relied more on technology than on mystical powers. Members of the elite army in Wakanda are Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o. The elite army is also known as the Dora Milaje

This movie might not have the best action scenes, or the best visual effects of a Marvel movie, however, it surely has the best villains ever seen in a Marvel movie.

It’s noticeable from the movie that many of the central characters are women. Prince T’ Challa in a spiritual interaction with his late father was advised to surround himself with people he has trust in. The prince did this by surrounding himself with women. As entertaining as the movie is, it’s refreshing to see a full black cast being celebrated in mainstream media.

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