Blizzard clarifies that his message of Diablo III did not announce version Switch

A message on Twitter published by Blizzard a few days ago showed a video with a Diablo bulb that was turned on and off with a switch. This was quickly interpreted as a Diablo III track for Switch-switch in English, but the studio has denied having an announcement about the console.

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Speaking to Polygon, a Blizzard representative has denied that it is a nod to Switch: "We can assure you that we are not that smart."

"It was made as a fun content to engage the community, we have nothing to announce ."

This statement would not deny that the game could come in the future. In 2013 it was released for the last generation of consoles, and a year later it was adapted to PS4 and Xbox One. It is not a forgotten project and it was also updated to take advantage of PS4 Pro and Xbox One, in addition to adding a new class last year, Necromancer.

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