Can Your Cell Phone Give You Brain Cancer?

The controversy at the beginning felt like propaganda against a successful innovation such as the mobile phone. The manner in which the gadget has influenced the way we live is enormous and remarkable. Sometimes, one may feel the urge not to place one’s beloved phone over sensitive areas of the body housing vital structures like the heart, the brain, and few others. The insurgence of cancer as brought the scrutiny of many things into question. Some authorities worry about the use of microwaves in the kitchen, some are concerned about eating canned products, and there are the ones that herald that the using a cell phone can induce the growth of cancerous cells in the brain.

There have been a couple of studies that have been carried out to confirm these assumptions have been able to refute the ideas. However, there were studies in Sweden that suggested the possible connection between the occurrences of tumor cells on the side of the head where the phone is placed when receiving calls. Although, there has been no record of significant increase of brain cancer in individuals using phones in Sweden. Since the report of the initial report was published and the use of mobile phones unaffected especially after the release of the report, nothing has happened that could further confirm that the study had come across an important discovery or connection between phone users and cancer patients. Much other research has been carried out to corroborate the findings of the experiment in Sweden, but none have come to the same conclusion.

 This begs the question, what the reasons that could have fueled the agitation of the concerned people. Understanding the way the mobile phone sheds light on the fear that people harbor regarding the dangers that these devices carry. The simple fact that the phones became mobile meant that the cords were eliminated, how then the phones connect to the stations allowing people to communicate with each other. The mobile phone utilizes radiofrequency waves to send signals to a nearby cell mast which will reroute the message to the other base stations till it connects to an individual on the other side. When waves are mentioned in the technological field, no one thinks of the waves that swell on the ocean and is being ridden by surfers. Most people think of X-rays and the rest. However, there are other waves on that spectrum including the visible light, microwaves and FM radio waves. The frequency waves that our mobile users are just between that of the microwaves and FM radio waves since both of these are familiar as they are used in home appliances, they are considered safe. There is no considerable danger that the radiofrequency waves pose for the DNA structures in the human body.

However, just to lower one’s exposure to the waves that are emitted from the phone, just in case, there will be a report in the future claiming some previously undiscovered dangers have been found. Headsets or earphones can be used to receive calls to avoid putting the phone directly on the head. Text messages can also be a better option to reduce exposure. Children should be protected from staying too much with the phone and allow them to be fully matured before they are given free access to control their usage.

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