Monster Hunter World – Capcom’s gamble turned into fastest selling game in company’s history

Capcom's newest monster hunter game, Monster Hunter World is breaking all records. Capcom revealed that including shipments and digital sales game hit the milestone of 6 million copies. That makes the Monster Hunter World Capcom's fastest selling game ever, and that's only counting the consoles. When PC version comes out later this year, the numbers are going to be way higher.

Capcom published the results on their website, which was later shared on the official Monster Hunter World twitter. Although the number of shipped copies isn't the same as the number of sold copies, it's a great indicator of its popularity.

Monster Hunter World is top paid game on Xbox One and PlayStation Store, beating titles like PUBG on Xbox One  and Dragon Ball Fighterz on PlayStation 4. Considering that the goal is 10 million copies sold during the life time of a game, it's an amazing start.

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Monster Hunter World was a huge risk for Capcom and considering all the skepticism when it was first announced it was far from a sure thing. We are glad the game is doing spectacularly well. Finally it's a big hit in the west as well. Capcom needed this success. One thing is for certain though, Monster Hunter's presence on consoles isn't going away any time soon.

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