Category: OMG

Overwatch streamer control Genji using only fidget spinners   The streamer that controlled Winston using nothing but bananas has put together another ludicrous creation: a fidget-spinner controller for Genji. You can see it working in the clip above, where Rudeism manages to de-mech a D.Va and kill the opposition's Genji just by twirling away. If you want to see more, the full

OMG Magic trick with a coin

Magic trick with a coin, a magician swallows a coin by the mouth and the spring by his forearm under the blood gore skinèce.mp4

A UFO in the California sky

A Falcon 9 (SpaceX) rocket took off yesterday at 5:30 pm from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, a US military base in Santa Barbara County, California. This take-off caused a panic in Los Angeles and the surrounding area as its inhabitants discovered the bright light in the sky, thinking to see the arrival of a

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