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Warning Signs and Symptoms of Eye Trouble you Need to Know

Undergoing frequent eye tests and medical evaluations are the best ways to protect ourselves against eye problems and to detect sign and symptoms of an eye problem earlier. Although, the eyes tend to deteriorate as people age. However, visiting an optician regularly would delay or prevent any age-related eye defects. It’s important to visit an

Reasons Why you can’t Sleep and Feel Cold

It is one thing to be in love with your blanket and be tucked in under often, and it is a whole different situation when it happens constantly. Some people feel a lot of the findings and discoveries popping up these days about sleep apnea, depression, and a few other conditions are only schemes to

Why should you not stop your ketogenic Diet?

There has been a lot of controversy about the safety of this fabulous diet. The long-standing question of it been worth the risk is the motivator for several kinds of research on the ketogenic diet. Naturally, the body feeds on nutrients derived from digested food products, carbohydrates, protein, and fat are broken down into glucose,

Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

Experiencing discomfort or pain when urinating is not fun at all, but it could signify a much worse condition such as Prostate cancer. Before diving into the world of prostate cancer, let us do some digging into what the prostate gland itself meant. The prostate gland is an example of an exocrine gland that is

Can Your Cell Phone Give You Brain Cancer?

The controversy at the beginning felt like propaganda against a successful innovation such as the mobile phone. The manner in which the gadget has influenced the way we live is enormous and remarkable. Sometimes, one may feel the urge not to place one’s beloved phone over sensitive areas of the body housing vital structures like

Diet,Training, and Fitness

The relationship between diet and fitness cannot be overemphasized. Inadequacies in one aspect can hamper the growth of the other. A proper diet would ensure a good fitness program or a right individual while a good fitness programs me would bring out the result of healthy eating. A proper diet and a healthy body are

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