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A UFO in the California sky

A Falcon 9 (SpaceX) rocket took off yesterday at 5:30 pm from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, a US military base in Santa Barbara County, California. This take-off caused a panic in Los Angeles and the surrounding area as its inhabitants discovered the bright light in the sky, thinking to see the arrival of a

By screening millions of molecular targets, researchers have uncovered a tumor beacon detected by the immune cells of two patients with colorectal cancer.

A new method sifts through hundreds of millions of potential targets to find a precise cancer beacon. The results may lead to better immunotherapies, which harness the immune system to attack tumors. The screening technology, developed by Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator (HHMI) Christopher Garcia and colleagues after almost 20 years of basic molecular studies

Amazing Facts about Nippl@s You Need To Know

Have you ever looked at your nipples and wondered if they’re normal? What are the secrets of nipples? Female breasts are an attractant to men’s visual senses as the glue is to flies. Knowledge about nipples is more complex and very few men know its secrets. And we have to say that includes women as

Alcohol consumption improves foreign language skills

Alcohol is not exactly known for its brain-boosting properties. In fact, it impairs all kinds of cognitive functioning, including working memory and the ability to ignore distractions. So it really should make it harder for someone to speak in a foreign language. However, as Fritz Renner of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and colleagues, point

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