Is Chocolate really an Aphrodisiac?

Human beings have always been to known to search for immediate solutions to problems. When one has a problem with libido and you  hears that consuming a bar of chocolate will probably restore it, won’t you consume a whole pack? The legend of chocolate being a sex stimulant stretches as far back as the 14th century. Around that time, it was recorded that a certain Emperor called Montezuma, who ruled the Mexicans in the time referred to as the Aztec culture, had the habit of eating a large number of cocoa beans just to enjoy an enormous sex drive.


Now that most things have been subjected to scientific tests, to confirm their myths and hypothesis. This is what led a group of scientists in Italy to carry out a sex experiment. The study was done to access the impact of chocolate consumption on the sex drives of 163 adult women. Well, after the investigation they concluded that there was no significant influence that either a chocolate bar, chocolate drink or even the cocoa bean had on their sexual arousal.



But, I could attest to the fact that since my wife introduced me to the arousal effects of chocolate, it has inspired memorable moments for us and rekindled our lost spark in the room. So, how come some people could feel something from eating chocolate but scientists are saying that there is no scientific connection. I explored the depth of knowledge buried in books, and I discovered literature which showed that there was not just one but two substances in chocolate that are part of the chemicals found in the brains of people who are in love and also the very chemical involved in sexual arousal. They are Tryptophan, and Phenylethylamine, both of them, are precursors to Serotonin and Amphetamine respectively. Serotonin is a substance that is released during sexual arousal and amphetamines are generally produced in lovebirds that have the hots for each other.

What a good thing to finally realize that some other researchers were able to prove that chocolate is the key to reviving sexual drive and intimacy in partners. Therefore, to discover more information about the topic, I delved in deeper. So that I could enlighten anyone that would think it was a lie that chocolate possessed these magical libido stimulants. That was when I stumbled upon the heartbreaking fact that even though chocolate contained these substances, the quantity found in them is not enough to cause any significant reaction. This must be a conspiracy, why are they agreeing with the Italians again, after discovering it contained these proteins. Further reading to prove that it wasn’t just a placebo effect that my wife and I had been riding on, proved futile.

I gave up but just before I dropped that particular book, I was compensated, and that is what I share unrepentantly now. These substances may have been too low to influence the mind but who needs them in the first place. The texture of the chocolate on touch, the smooth feeling on the tongue and that soothing fragrance it gives away as it is being crunched is all the magic that is needed. All these sensations are fed to the brain, and with the mind being so powerful, these signals are utilized to trigger and generate the excitement and arousal that is experienced afterward. So next time you want to grab a box of chocolate for the purpose of a romantic night, make sure you make the gentle appeal of making everything about the chocolate to get to you and your partner because you might get to the promise land before you are done with the chocolate.

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