Dead Space is On the House!

Remember that spectacular third-person survival game developed by EA Redwood Shores, now known as sadly defunct Visceral Games? That's right, we're talking about Dead Space! First installment in the Dead Space series was released almost 10 years ago, on October 14, 2008. on PS3 and Xbox 360 and October 20. for Windows.

Dead Space Giveaway

Gameplay was spectacular. It truly was a survival horror game. Dead Space puts you in control of Isaac Clarke, an engineer aboard a massive planet cracker spaceship, USG Ishimura. All contact was lost with Ishimura and you were part of team sent to investigate. Ship and crew have fallen victim to a Marker, a relic of Unitology. Think of Unitology as a Scientology of the future.

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Thing is, this Marker turns people into creatures from your worst nightmares, called Necromorphs. There is all kind of different Necromorphs, and you have to travel trough the ship, trying to discover what is going on while also finding your wife who was stationed on the USG Ishimura. Of course, things go bad fast predictably, especially when you start suffering from hallucinations.

Hurry and grab Dead Space while it's free!

All things considered, Dead Space is one helluva survival horror game. If you missed it, now is your time to play it. If you played it before, replay it! You can't beat the price right now! Just like all of the Origin's "On the House" offerings, Dead Space will be free until further notice. It will eventually go to its full price, but EA doesn't state when do the freebies expire. So hurry and remember, if you grab it during the giveaway, it's yours for free, forever.

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