E3 2018 floor plans were leaked and you can see some interesting booths

We got big news for gamers around the world. The E3 2018 floor plans have been released.

They were released by user Rösti in a ResetEra and now we can picture what the E3 might look like. The plans could change but just looking at the size of some of the reserved booths you can get an idea of the releases to come.

Possible announcements

As we can expect, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Nintendo have the best-located booths just at the centre. You can also notice that these are big booths. The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch user can expect huge announcements. We expect to see more of Nintendo Labo and the return of the hero Mario for Nintendo Switch. On the PlayStation side, we can expect new features and maybe a more immersive form of VR.

One of the surprises that came from this pictures is the size the Microsoft booth has. You can notice that the booth is not as big as the ones from Nintendo or Sony. As stated by Rösti the plans may change in the future, and we may see Microsoft with a big announcement in a bigger booth.

You may also notice the large Ubisoft booth, in which we could see the new Assassins Creed and maybe a new Far Cry (which rumours say it may be a more Western approach). We can also notice the Warner Bros. booth that may feature Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Square Enix and Bethesda have not announced any releases yet, so we can definitely expect fresh announcements from these two.

We can notice Bandai Namco and their possible announcement of Metroid Prime 4Bandai Namco gives this franchise a glimpse of hope and seeing the size of the both we can expect them to give a big announcement. [​IMG]



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