Foods To Spike Your Sex Drive

There are many factors responsible for the dip in sex drive in people. Apart from age, there are factors such as stress, hormones, lack of sleep, lack of physical activities, and food. All these factors have a way of controlling the human libido. People are more stressed now than ever. This can be attributed to the increase in population, which translates for more people competing for the things. This makes life difficult, and usually takes the mind of people off important things such as their sexual life, and relationships. However, it has been discovered that some food materials have a way of increasing our sex drive. This, however, should be done with other things such as keeping fit, sleeping more, and worrying less. Below are some of the food;

  1. Strawberries and raspberries: Strawberries and raspberries contain a lot of zinc, which is important for sex in both men and women. According to research, it has been discovered that women tend to become more prepared for sex if they are on high zinc-food containing diet. However, zinc regulates the amount of testosterone that is available for the development and production of sperm cells. It is pertinent for men to consume more of food that has zinc, as the quantity of zinc in the body usually reduces after sexual intercourse. In addition, they contain antioxidants and other chemicals that boost the body energy level, and also improves the mental state
  2. Walnuts: It has been observed that walnut improves the quality of sperm that a man produces. In addition to this, it has been observed that zinc also improves the figure, movement of the spermatozoa. Increasing the walnut in the diet is a sure way of having a better fertility.
  3. Coffee: Coffee is a natural stimulant that is made from plants. Apart from keeping us awake, and making the brain alert, it also increases the libido. It also induces the brain to increase arousal.
  4. Asparagus and artichokes: This food is most important for women. Asparagus contains a rich amount of an amino acid, called the aspartic acid. They help to reduce and prevent tiredness. Apart from this, they also increase the sexual drive, also known as libido.
  5. Avocados: Avocados are rich in vitamins. Examples of these minerals are folic acid and vitamin B6. These vitamins are vital for a healthy sexual drive. Folate boosts the body’s energy level, while Vitamin B6 helps to regulate the hormone level. In addition, it has been observed that avocados have a lot of bioidentical testosterone. They help to replenish the body, especially when the body testosterone is low. Some people called the Aztecs held the belief that avocados had powers to induce sexual passion in people. Perhaps they were not wrong.
  6. Watermelon: This fruit is more common during summer, and in the dry season in tropical countries. They improve erection and also elevates the sexual drive level. Apart from this, they contain important amino acids such as citrulline and arginine. The arginine helps to maintain the integrity of the vessels, including the vessels in the genitals.

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