Gal * Gun 2 confirms its launch in Europe

PQube and Inti Creates have announced the launch of Gal * Gun 2 in Europe on April 13 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, also confirming the sale of the game in North America for the 24th of the same month. To celebrate this arrival of the game to the West, a new trailer has been distributed.

This game puts us in the shoes of a young man who, due to supernatural causes, becomes the centre of attention of all the local girls. Our mission is to find true love, but we soon know that something strange is happening. The game of Inti Creates tells us that the students have been possessed by demons, which is why they let themselves be carried away by lust, and our mission is to liberate them.

In this way, although all the girls of the institute adore us, it will be necessary to use all kinds of resources in this action game in the first person to stop the advance of the girls and, finally, free them from that malign influence.


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