The Benefits of Playing Video Games (The perfect article to show your parents)

Since the creation of video games, people around the world spend several hours a day playing non-stop. Due to this, parents always think of video games as a distraction. They are always seeing for your health, but what if we told you it is not as bad as parents think?

We are not telling you to lock yourself in your room and play video games all day (although it is our favorite activity). Instead, we will try to convince you and your parents that gaming does have benefits, and can help you throughout your day.


Why gaming is good for you

How? Is the word that pops in the mind of every parent. It is fairly simple.

Visual Selective Attention

Have you ever finished an intense game and feel more active or sensible to your surroundings? MedicalNewsToday explains why. After only an hour of playing video games, your "visual selective attention" increases significantly. Visual selective attention is basically the brain's ability to concentrate in a certain activity or object ignoring all external distractions.

This means that after playing one or two games of League of Legends, you can do any other activity and you will get better results because now you ignore every other distraction.

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Problem Solving

You can spend one hour playing a stealth game such as Assassins Creed, and you improve your problem solving skills. For these kind of stealth games you have to think of every possible outcome. Going in without a plan? You would probably find yourself lost in the middle of a mission. Not enough information about the task? You waste time in trying to complete the task in the most difficult way.

You become better at problem solving because you know how hard was to get to that point of the game. And you learn how to be more aware of your surroundings. Can't this be applied to real life?

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So far we have increased Visual selective attention and better Problem Solving, we haven't finished yet

Hand- Eye Coordination

"Engaging in tasks that require coordination can have broad benefits on people’s performance." are the words said by Art Markman Ph. D. in a particular Psychology Today article.  A resent study by Li Li, Rongrong Chen, and Jing Chen gives us an example of how driving and first-person shooter games improve hand eye coordination. They compared people that play at least 5 hours a week for at least 6 months to those who play less than an hour a month. The study shows that the gamers had better results in these tests.

Now you go and share this article. We need people to know that us gamers do get benefits for hours of playing video games.


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