Gridiron and Philadelphia Gladiators, Bashing Brains

Cheers to the Philadelphia Eagles as they have ended a long drought of not being champions. It was evident from the way their fans took to the streets and celebrated, how happy those supporters felt from the victory. Although going into the Super Bowl both teams, Philadelphia Eagles, and the New England Patriots were fortunate to have an ultimately injury-free squad. Majority of the injuries this NLF season has been due to joints injury. From elbow snaps to knee problems, shoulder dislocation, ankle injuries or even neck injury in the case of the Cliff Avril, who plays defense for Seattle Seahawks.

One is exposed to accidents even if you are not playing a football game. But when the severity of injuries suffered by an athlete and their life expectancy closely reflects that of the Roman era. Those ages when gladiators fought in arenas, spill their blood on the sands with only a few lucky to have won their freedom from their masters. The life of a footballer, especially after their active career, closely resembles that of a professional boxer as many of them suffer from brain injuries due to the hits they receive in training and during the games.


For fans that have to watch a vital player stretched off the pitch, it can be devastating. Prospects of prospective bets, the higher probability of cheering one’s team to victory all become threatened in those moments. However, when these injuries stop these remarkable athletes from performing, they feel the heat more, they suffer the most. The impact it has on their lives is much more significant, the pain they face, the frustration in not being a part of the team, watching another player take their position, the annoying gut feeling they feel deep down questioning if they are man enough, all boil over at some point.

Some of them lose themselves, rehabilitation seems to be only to achieve so much, some never get back to their former glory while some other ones have to merely accept their career is over. Where to get money to maintain the lives they have been living, how do they support the families depending on them for livelihood, a lot of things change and handling it becomes a problem which leads to other behavioral complexes.


Statistics released from reports have shown that concussion has reduced since Dr. Omalu exposed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy to the world. In fact, this football season has been reported to experience a significant decline in concussions compared to other seasons notably last season’s record high. The NFL committee on head, neck, and spine, appears to be encouraged by the 6.5{e9fe05a6eca1080fefc21ee5283d93feae15303b199ffe48e272f094734a9b33} decrease in cases of concussions since 2012. But when we consider that we are talking about human lives that may be ruined, finding a decline of 244 to 261, as encouraging is just unfair and unacceptable. The only good news is that they acknowledge that much work needs to be done and sincerely more measures to avoid these terrible injuries are being implemented.

CTE is a progressive neurodegenerative brain disease related to repetitive brain trauma presented by symptomatic and asymptomatic concussions. Which alters the proper operation of the cerebral frontal lobe, leading to memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, progressive dementia and eventually leading to death. It took seven years before a U.S. Court of appeal confirmed Omalu’s autopsy, ruling that Webster had died from brain trauma which he suffered from playing professional football. He had simply made so much money only to pay for his addiction, loneliness, erratic behavior and in the long run, the money was only his payment for a lost mind. He played hard and died young at the age of 50.

These American football players are like gladiators whose glory only lasts in the arena for a short while before they lose it all. Every single match for them is a hit, head to head or if you may say brain to brain. In their pursuit of short-term fame, they gradually lose their mind as they settle for long-term disability, the only hope is that a more efficient solution comes for those already affected and the ones currently making the plays.

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