GTA 5: New Available Freebies for Xbox One, PS4 And PC Gamers

In the spirit of Valentine, lovers of Grand Auto Theft 5 (GTA) have been gifted with a new bunch of GTA online content on PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well as a loaded truck of bonuses and discounted prices.

Amongst the added benefits GTA is offering players is a new fiery car, the Vapid Hustler. Rockstar, developers of GTA, describing Vapid Hustler reveals that “When you see that running board swooping low over the front wheels, that high-set radiator grill and the holder for your cigarette holder, you’ll feel like you’re back in the 1920s. but then you see carbon steel reinforcements to the chassis, the turbocharger and the bulbar, and you realize you’re somewhere else together.

This season, gamers are allowed a variety of GTA and RP modes that have a variety of valentine themed playlist, offering discounts such as 25{e9fe05a6eca1080fefc21ee5283d93feae15303b199ffe48e272f094734a9b33} off up until February 19. The available playlists include Lost vs Damned, Slasher, Till Death Do Us Part, and Deadline.

Discounts available under vehicles, clothing and accessories and Dynasty 8 are as follows;

Dynasty 8

• Executive Offices
• High End Apartments, Silt Houses and Garages


• Ocelot Stormberg (Sports classic)
• Nagasaki Buzzard (Motorcycle)
• Albany Roosevelt (Sports Classic)
• Albany Roosevelt Valor
• Nagasaki Shotaro (Motorcycle)
Clothing and Accessories
• Smuggler’s Run clothing
• All Valentine clothing
• Doomsday Heist Tattoos

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