The Inpatient: “Find out who you really are”

The Inpatient: “Find out who you really are”

What do you do when you wake up without any memories of who you are in a sanatorium? That is the role you will be taking in the upcoming psychological horror game and every choice you will take may affect your story and your fate.

At the E3 2017, Supermassive and Sony announced the prequel to the well-known game Until Dawn, The Inpatient, a VR first-person horror game, set 60 years prior to the events of Until Dawn. In case you haven’t played it, you shouldn’t worry, as The Inpatient follows a new story with its own new characters. You will wake up as an amnesiac patient who will wander on the hallways of Blackwood Sanatorium trying to find out who you are and how did you end up there. If the name sounds familiar to you, well that is because it’s the same hospital from Until Dawn and nothing good comes out of it.

You will have shivers down the spine while traversing the reality this game has to offer. You will be forced to make the right call in various scenarios while trying to regain your memory, but remember that you will barely trust yourself and you will have a hard time trusting the others around you. You will design your own path and you will have to keep in mind that every choice is important and will affect the outcome of your character’s life.

What’s interesting about this game, is that you will be the shaper of your character, thanks to the voice control and gender choice. You will truly feel like you’re in Blackwood Sanatorium and you will see your legs, arms and hands. Pretty creepy, right? I think the developers worked hard on the game to give you the sensation that you’re part of that universe and feeling whatever your character is feeling.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not all about that. You can expect to meet lots of interesting characters with their own backgrounds as well and they will all have a part in your effort to recall your memory.

The trailer shows merely a glimpse of what we can expect from this horror world, as we are welcomed by an old creepy man, later revealed as Jefferson Bragg and owner of the mysterious sanatorium.

Come to think again, there is a supernatural connection between the two games, Until Dawn and The Inpatient, regarding the psychiatric hospital we end up in. The sequel covers its secret tests on the miners exposed to the wendigos. Eventually, they escape in 1952 and the place becomes a ruin and in The Inpatient we will unveil the answers to why did all those things happen.

The game was set to be released in 2017, but later the date was changed to 28 January 2018 and will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

While uncovering the secrets of Blackwood Sanatorium, every player will have a unique experience, so be careful of your actions that can change the entire course of your fate. And remember, not everything is what it seems.

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