Metacritic: The list of the most successful video game publishers in 2017

Which video game publishers had the most successful gaming year? Metacritic answers this question. For those of you who don't know, if there is any, Metacritic is the biggest review aggregator of media products. Judging by their statistics, Bethesda Softworks is the best publisher in 2017. Bethesda had the average score of 79.9 with 12 titles they released in the last year.


Here is a complete list of publishers and their average scores:

  • Bethesda - 79.9
  • Nintendo - 78.0
  • Sega - 75.5
  • Activision - Blizzard - 75.7
  • Capcom - 76.6
  • Ubisoft - 75.4
  • Sony - 74.9
  • Square Enix - 73.6
  • Bandai Namco - 73.0
  • Koei Tecmo - 69.7
  • NIS America - 68.2
  • Telltale Games - 70.9

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For this main list, Metacritic focused on the number of published games, so EA and Take-Two ended on a second list cause they had less than 10 titles published in 2017. When it comes to Bethesda, this publisher really had a good year with few hit titles the audience simply loved. We are, of course, talking about Wolfenstein 2, Prey and The Evil Within 2 of which the last had the best score on Metacritic.

It's the second year in a row for Bethesda on Metacritic's top list and we must agree with their choice as well. Wolfenstein 2 is one of the best games published in 2017 as well as one of the best PC games overall. Who doesn't want to kill Nazis?!

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