Mobile PUBG games have finally launched in China

Mobile PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds games announced last year, Army Attack and Exhilarating Battlefield, have entered early access in China. They are already top apps on iOS Store in the country. Considering that there were already 75 million players preregistered for mobile PUBG games, that makes this one of the most successful launches of mobile titles in China.  So far there is no information whether or not the games will be released outside of China, but if opportunity presents itself they probably will.

Mobile PUBG games

First game Army Attack focuses more on naval battles. Apart from usual weaponry, players will be able to access and control ships and helicopters. Second game, Exhilarating Battlefield will be set on an island. It will feature the last-man-standing gameplay just like in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Tencent, company behind mobile PUBG games

The games were released by Tencent the company that also localized PUBG for Chinese market. If their name sounds familiar, it's cause Tencent is the worlds largest gaming company by revenue. Even though it's unknown if these games will be released outside of China, you can still download them at Chinese websites at your own risk.

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In the meantime, the grand PUBG has it's  own problems with cheaters. Just in month of January, over 1 million players were banned.

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