Reasons Why you can’t Sleep and Feel Cold

It is one thing to be in love with your blanket and be tucked in under often, and it is a whole different situation when it happens constantly. Some people feel a lot of the findings and discoveries popping up these days about sleep apnea, depression, and a few other conditions are only schemes to sell more products and get people to pay for the services of the companies targeting them. Their argument seems reasonable because after all, human beings have not been having such a high prevalence of diseases as is being heralded on health digests or wellness sites and the blogs that release health news periodically. What they forget is that our species has not also been exposed to such high level of comfort and inactivity we have afforded lately.

The stairs we use to climb before have been replaced by lifts, the distance we used to walk earlier, we now cover in automobiles, and jobs that were manned by technicians are now done efficiently by machines. Not to sound like an enemy of progress or technology that has really improved our lives, the fact still remains that we achieve more by doing less in our generation which is not so beneficial to our body. Our body now reveals to us those inadequacies that we have caused our body system. One of those is what someone experiences when they are almost always cold even when others are feeling pretty warm.

One of the significant problems we encounter is not getting enough sleep, due to the number of telecommunication gadgets we surrounded ourselves with and based on the fact that majority of the population are now attached to their phones and laptops. No more constant shutting down of TV stations like in the 90’s, so people find it difficult or boring to go to sleep unless they have to resume at work early. Even at that, some still steal time into the early hours to catch up with their favorite Television Series or check up on their social media accounts, which consume a lot of time so quickly. When we wake up after having so little sleep, our body is not back at its optimal state, so we give it a kick with Coffee or energy drink, and the body fights through this, and the cycle goes on in a vicious one.

The nervous system struggles when there is little sleep and finds it hard to function appropriately, metabolic cues will be thrown off as well, one feels sluggish and always in need of more sleep. Some people may even take the necessary rest required, but they still do not wake up fresh, they may have other things contributing to that, but one of the recently leading ones is sleep apnea. In order to deal with sleep apnea or the constant feeling of being cold, we need a change in lifestyle.




One should not wait until one gets too old, or too sick or diabetic and struck down with severe conditions before one realizes it is time to take charge and adjust to living and enjoy life by eating better and healthier, exercising regularly and resting adequately. You will discover you will be capable of doing anything you want and a great feeling of energy will surge through your body, giving you warmth, strength, and vitali

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