Why you should see Netflix’s new hit: “The Ritual” *No Spoilers*

Have you ever opened Netflix, and realize there is nothing you really want to see (Although there are millions of series and movies)? Nowadays its hard to find good horror movie. There are few movies that keeps you on the edge of the seat or makes you worry about the characters. You maybe want a suspense movie set in the Swedish woods and full of troubled men overcoming a friend’s death. The Ritual surely has all of the above.

The hero of the story is Luke. He and his friend Rob seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. They enter a liquor store and as they enter they are witnesses of a robbery. During the robbery Rob is killed and Luke feels guilty for outliving his friend. Now, he and other close friends of Rob go on a hike on the Swedish mountains, but there were not ready to face what was going to happen.

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The making of The Ritual

Adam Nevill published The Ritual back in 2011. There is no better setting for a suspense movie than a Swedish wilderness. The environment is perfect to set an ambient of suspense, horror and mystery. The director, David Bruckner was able to maintain suspense through the entire movie using the Nordic forest to its best. The characters were brought to life by screenwriter Joe Barton. In most cases the script sticks to the novel, but now and then you can see them taking irrational decision throughout the movie.

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This is one of those few movies that do picture the novel almost completely right. Up to two thirds of the movie completely matches with the novel. Don't worry, as the change goes perfectly with the flow of the movie and gives it one of the best scenes in the movie.

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