Space Engineers – New update. More improvements

Space Engineers, one of the most popular and playable multiplayer sandbox games on Steam Early Access has received a very important update. The graphics received a major facelift with enhanced textures, graphics effects and lightning, optional cinematic mode, eye adaption to sunlight, more lightning contrast and camera shake. The sound was remixed to simulate more realistically the propagation of sound in space. More rebalancing has also been done to give you superior experience, for example, characters will move faster and cars are easier to control.

The presentation video above clearly shows the substantial changes that were brought to the game. Now there’s a more intensive focus on the story and the goal is to reflect the true vision that the developers of Space Engineers had from the start. The changes brought to the game are meant to significantly improve the overall feeling the game has to offer to its players. Before the update, the graphics style of the game was more simplistic, but now the developers brought the realism to a whole new level by making the game more intuitive and authentic, but still keeping that Space Engineers ‘original spark.

One important detail about the update represents the new particle effects, which now also react to gravity and physics. The rendering is more spectacular as if there is a collision there will be a subtle shaking reaction to the camera and new armour has been added to the game and a new colour palette.

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All light sources now benefit from HDR Bloom, Tone Mapping, Ambient Conclusion Shader and eye adaption to sunlight, as mentioned earlier, especially when there are strong light differences. We will have lens flare, chromatic aberration and vignette that will give the game a more cinematic feeling and many 3D models have been redesigned.

The whole changelog can be found here so enjoy your read!

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