A Map Application That Can Monitor Stem Cells you all Need to Know

Stem cells are unique cells. They are different from other cells of the body, in that they have some special characteristics. Some of these features are; They have the ability to self-regenerate, proliferate, and differentiate into any body cell. They are the primordial cells that develop into other cells of the body such as the muscle, nervous, blood cells and so on. They are steadily becoming useful in the treatment of some diseases. For example, stem cell therapy can now be used for the treatment of diseases like sickle cell anemia, some cancer disease, and for the treatment of injuries.  Stem cell therapy has been dubbed as the future of medicine. They are fast, mostly painless and with very minimized side effects. Scientist and researchers have been working tirelessly to advance these field. NIST scientists have been working hard to create an application that can monitor the growth and progression of stem cells, especially in the laboratory. This has led to the development of an application that could monitor stem cells. Their intention is to make this application on mobile phones, so it can easily be used and accessed by anyone interested. The product they eventually came up with is nothing like anything that has been seen in the application world. The application integrates video footage, and a strong computation to bring us another superior way of examining and understanding of the cell populations, which could be used in stem cell therapies, and also in the production of other materials.

The new image application they’ve created is called the Web Image Processing Pipeline (WIPP). This application is a platform that allows the users to have a microscopic view of macroscopic objects. With this application, cell cultures can be divided into shapes and zones that can be explored and easily seen, that can be likened to the GPS. Just like the GPS allows people to see places in real time, and also explore, the WIPP application also provides this service, except that you’d be traveling and exploring the cells, and parts of a petri dish, in real time.


You can see the way the cells are proliferating. Any cell that doesn’t look healthy can be eliminated or destroyed. This kind of cells, when allowed to grow eventually in the body, becomes a tumor, and if meant for experiments are capable of ruining the test, by giving an inaccurate result. In addition to this, the application has an option where you can share your results with your colleagues, and evaluate the development of the cells.

The application was designed to work with induced pluripotent stem cells. Induced pluripotent stem cells are normal cells that are extracted from the blood, then passed through some processing and modification to become pluripotent stem cells. An example of a pluripotent stem cell is the embryonic stem cells, which can be differentiated into any cell of the body. The Web Image Processing Pipeline is a fine example of a blend between biologists and computer scientists. It is a huge development for stem cell research. You need to share this new technology magic with your friends. Write your comments and your opinion about this new application.

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