Street Fighter 5 Releases Blanka Gameplay Trailer

Blanka was officially confirmed as AN addition to the roster of Capcom’s fighting game Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, with fans having the ability to play because the classic character beginning on February 20, 2018. Now, so as to arrange players for the moves and ability set that Blanka can bring back the table next week, the publisher and developer have formally released a brand new gameplay trailer description the feral Brazilian beast.

As seen below in the latest character introduction video, Capcom Community & Esports Manager, Matt Edwards, reacquaints Blanka to long-time fans and introduces the figure to those who have only played Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Edwards discusses Blanka’s skill and V-trigger abilities, showcases several of his special combos, and makes the case at the end of the clip as to why fans should play as the character.

For those unaware, Blanka and the rest of Season 3’s additions to the roster of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will cause the number of available players to grow from 28 to 34 with six additional characters. Not only will the mean green Brazilian machine make his way into the title, but also other fan favourites from previous entries such as Sagat and Sakura will join the cast of playable fighters.

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Taking all of this into account, Blanka’s addition to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will definitely delight diehard fans of the franchise, as many players had been wondering why he wasn’t a part of the base roster from the very beginning. That said, though, it will be interesting to see if fans decide to obtain Blanka through the game’s $30 Season 3 Character Pass, or if they will opt to buy him as a standalone for the price of $6. The Season 3 pack will offer more bang for one’s buck, but $30 might be too steep of a price for those who just want to play as Blanka.

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