Survivors Of Florida School Shoot Tragedy Pushes For Gun Control Laws

A number of parents and students from the Florida school where seventeen students were massacred by an ex-student of the school had gone on a trip to Tallahassee, the state capital, to canvass for a more stringent control, and a possible on assault rifles. The tragedy that happened last week has been regarded as one the deadliest shooting in a school in the United States history. This incidence has caused more deliberations on gun control laws.  It has brought the advocates for more stringent gun regulations together. One of the students Tyra Hemans has remarked that she’s not going back to school until new laws are made to keep guns out of the hand of lunatics, and possibly put a ban on guns entirely. It’s important to know that the state of Florida allows the sale of assault rifles. A 20-year-old man walked into a gun store a week after the shooting and bought the same gun the killer used in perpetrating the act, with an expired license. It’s that easy to get an assault rifle in Florida.

Fourteen students were killed, and 3 educators died making a total number of seventeen lost their lives, in a school in Parkland, near Fort Lauderdale. A certain ex-student of the school, Nikolas Cruz has been named as the alleged shooter in this tragic incidence. A popular actor, George Clooney has pledged to donate about half a million dollars to stage a well-planned and funded gun control march in the capital of the country, Washington. According to a poll conducted by Washington Post, about 80{e9fe05a6eca1080fefc21ee5283d93feae15303b199ffe48e272f094734a9b33} of Americans hold the belief that the Congress is not doing a sufficient job to protect the citizens of the country, and to avert a repeat of the sad occurrence. It has been observed that the Nikolaz, the alleged gun shooter might be suffering from a mental disease, as he used to upload videos and clips of himself on the software “Snapchat” cutting himself

As a reminder, gun ownership act is protected by the second amendment right of the United States Constitution. Other western countries do not experience this kind of happenings. The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and European countries do not experience this madness. It’s ironic that a country that spends about eight hundred billion dollars on security can’t keep his citizens safe from these internal terrorists. As they say “it’s malady to keep repeating the same thing and expect a different result”. This is just the case with America right now, until gun laws are changed, this might be a recurring decimal.

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