Sylvester Stallone’s death hoax pops on the internet once gain

The Sylvester Stallone's death hoax pop on the internet once again. Thankfully it is just that, a hoax.

The rumors claimed the actor died Monday February 19, due to prostate cancer. A few moments after the rumor started to surface, Frank Stallone (Sylvester Stallone's brother) tweeted: "Rumors that my brother is dead are false. What kind of sick demented cruel mind thinks of things like this to post?".

This was the fake picture that was seen on all kind of social media.


Stallone's Reply

Fans around the world were fast to react to this rumor and debunked it in any way possible. Although many of them wrote serious tweets regarding the subject, the rumor kept growing.Sylvester Stallone responded with a tweet and a photo of himself reassuring his fans that he is alive and well. he actor tweeted: "Please ignore this stupidity… Alive and well and happy and healthy… Still punching!" as a response to this rumors.

There is not much information about where the rumor came from, but whoever is in charge of this disgusting intent of being funny (or maybe just a call for attention ) is surely going to be chased down by Sylvester Stallone's fans and different media types.

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2016 Hoax

Back in 2016, a U. K. news site named Metro released a rumor that claimed Sylvester Stallone was found dead in its LA home. The post was first seen in Facebook and Stallone's fans quickly reacted to this, trying to get some information from the the actor's rep. Due to the rapid growth of the rumor, the actor quickly uploaded a photo of himself to debunk any rumors and show his fans how healthy he was.



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