Three Vital Ways to Quit Wasting Time and your Life

Most people will expect this to a blog about how they should calculate the time they spend on social media, talking to friends, watching the TV and cut it. But, this is not one of those, even though it is entirely reasonable to moderate the time spent on the internet doing unproductive things. The reason this topic even comes up at all raises another question. Why is time being wasted in the first place, why do people feel that they need to get more out of time? I mean Jesus used just three years of his life to establish a way of life that is arguably the most prolific and popular religion in the world. A similar thing can be said of Alexander the Great, who spent only 10 years conquering kingdoms and establishing one of the grandest empires of that period, just at the age of 30. Ten years may seem a lot, but when you remove that from the average life expectancy which is around 70 years old, then one can see that it only a small fraction.

Pay money to Gain Time

So what am I trying to say? Waste your precious time? Of course not, but I am saying do not try to overwhelm yourself, only go for what gives you the best value possible at a particular time. What this means is that instead of trying to do it all for your entire life, just choose the period when you want to give your best to get the optimal productivity.

One can employ people to those menial jobs that would have taken longer time and energy to finish, while one takes care of complex tasks that pay better. So any work that you see will cost about 10 dollars or less should be contracted to someone else. Think of it this way you are creating employment for people and making out time for yourself to be more productive.

Adaption through the Moments Saves Time

Change is the only constant thing in the world. It is almost a mantra now, we all know this as a fact, but we still struggle with change. Some people find it hard to adopt new practices and make modifications to their usual routines in the face of challenges. The best species that have survived till the current age were excellent in adapting to their environment, therefore, as an individual with intelligence, when one discovers information that should alter one’s approach to things, one needs to make the appropriate moves to effect proper change.

Working without Breaks End Up Wasting More of your Time

Certain individuals really make a lot of effort to maximize their productivity every day only to fall short of their target. The challenge is everything already discussed above seems a little too harsh, I have been there, you feel people are only judging you based on your results, so you try to stay up later, work extra hours, but still, you see no improvement. Just take a step back and schedule periodic breaks between your schedule and you will see the magic that comes with freshness. So doing more actually does not mean you will achieve more, but working smarter can translate into proper time management.

Therefore to manage time properly, one should take proper rest in between work, commit to accepting and imbibing that as a new habit and hire out the low-income tasks that are not relevant to one’s career path. If you agree with these 3 unique points, leave a comment and share if know someone that will benefit from these vital points of time management. You may as well be investing in someone’s life through your action, and that is time well spent.


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