Game development studio behind Brawlahalla is now owned by one of the greatest video game publishers in the world, Ubisoft. Blue Mammoth Games studio is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is comprised of 21 team members. This formerly independent game development studio was founded on 4th July 2004. A group of MMO game veterans decided to get together and make games that are more accessible than traditional MMO games. So far they released Dungeon Blitz, first casual action MMORPG for your browser, and Brawlhalla, most played online brawler game on STEAM. Brawlhalla is also top 3 free-to-play games on PlayStation Store.


"The team at Blue Mammoth Games is expert at developing and running scalable, competitive, multiplayer online games, and they'll be a great addition to Ubisoft's network of studios," said Laurent Detoc, President of Ubisoft NCSA. "With Brawlhalla, we're getting a hugely popular and highly-profitable title that aligns with our strategy of expanding our audience and providing players with long-lasting, entertaining gaming experiences."

"We're looking forward to leveraging Ubisoft's expertise and resources to continue developing and supporting Brawlhalla for the long term, and to benefiting from their help in bringing the game to new players," said Matthew Woomer and Lincoln Hamilton, Blue Mammoth Games founders."

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Let's be honest, Brawlhalla does seem like a good addition to Ubisoft's portfolio. This acquisition will be of much use to Ubisoft, no doubt about that. Especially if you consider that Brawlhalla is coming up in the world of esports. Their partnership with DreamHack is a good sign. We're looking forward to the upcoming Brawlhalla tournaments!

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