United States are trying (again) to put bigger taxes on more violent games

Here we go again! US politicians are reacting wrong again. After the tragic event in Florida, instead, to try to solve the problem, they are looking for a scapegoat. When a young man enters school and coldbloodedly kills 17 people, it's not video games fault! Listening to US politicians it seems like that where logic ends, US begins! Trump as well tried to blame violence in video games and movies. He said that those movies and games are shaping young minds.

Many politicians and congressmen said the same but they forgot to mention the evidence or studies that prove these claims. However, we can surely say that these claims are wrong. There were extensive studies about the influence of video game violence on minds of young people. The study showed that it had no impact on their minds. Cause you see, they are able to tell the difference between the bloody real world and a video game. Kids aren't stupid you know! I think it's a bigger problem that they're able to buy an automatic rifle like it's a freakin' bubblegum.

video game violence

Rhode Island representative definitely wants to increase taxes on violent video games. They are really thinking that solving a gun violence crisis in the US is easy as putting more tax on video games. Basically, every game with M rating (18+ in Europe) would be susceptible to 10{e9fe05a6eca1080fefc21ee5283d93feae15303b199ffe48e272f094734a9b33} more tax. So, for example, a GTA V that now costs about 64$ would cost about 70$ in the future.

They claim that they would use that extra income to finance school programs for advising and helping students that suffer from mental illnesses. Honestly, that is a noble cause. But only if we forget that at the same time they are trying to make the law which will enable the teachers in schools to carry concealed firearms. Put the fire out by pouring gasoline.

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A debate about the influence of video game violence on minds of players is still raging on, even though detailed studies already showed that video game violence DOES NOT MAKE PLAYERS VIOLENT! It's the lag, bad fps, sun in your eyes, cheaters and X on your controller!

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