Updates on the Uncharted movie

Usually video game movie adaptations are not what most of us gamers expect. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. We are either surprised with a bigger look at the world and an expanded story that merges somehow into the video game, o we can be disappointed with a bad adaptation and screenplay of the game we love. One of the movie gamers around the world want to know more of, is the Uncharted movie.

What we know so far

Stranger Things and Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy is taking the  wheel as director. He has delivered some impressive work over the years and Uncharted fans  hope this movie is not an exception.  Also, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will be portraying a younger version of Drake on this Uncharted adaptation.

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Uncharted news

At the DICE Summit 2018 Naughty Dog's creative director Neil Druckmann relieved the Uncharted fans by confirming the movie is still on the go. When asked about Shawn Levy as director, Druckmann responded: "He's really passionate, gets it, and I think he understands where we're at".

Druckmann stated that the and the studio would like to see an expanded world and new characters in the movie, instead of another adaptation of the video games. He also explained how fans identify Nathan Drake as Nolan North, and that making a movie without him would like making a Breaking Bad movie without Bryan Cranston reprising his role as Heisenberg.

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Due to this information we may guess the movie will either be a prequel or will fill in the gaps to some of the moments in the series. Maybe we may even see more of Drake and his brother or maybe more backstory as to how Drake and Sully became as close as they are.


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