War Thunder presents its Advancing Storm update

Gaijin Entertainment has detailed the 1.77 update of War Thunder, Advancing Storm. The game is available on PC and PlayStation 4, and soon on Xbox One.

" Advancing Storm has brought us a new version of the Dagor - 5.0 engine and with it improved graphics, detailed landscapes and climatic effects, the locations are more beautiful and realistic, the sounds are more impressive and we have added two dozen new vehicles, including five tanks in the sixth rank: Т-64B, M1 Abrams, Challenger, Leopard 2K and AMX-30 Brenes ", comments the study.

You can know all the news on the official page.

Graphics improvements

- New landscape creation technology for terrestrial vehicle locations
- New landscape texture and detail algorithms
- Realistic mud and puddles
- New anti-aliasing technology (Variation variation TAA)
- Shadows and shadow contact about the effects
- Effects of realistic rain
- Layered fog and fog effects

Other graphics improvements:

- Dynamic clouds and sun
- The effects of bullets/projectiles hitting the water, soil and other objects have been updated.
- HE projectile footprints that impact the ground with .50 calibre and above have been improved.
- The algorithm for the postFX "Polinom" has been changed. The maximum brightness when using this after the effect has been limited to 2 times the original.


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