Warcraft 3 gets a new patch 5 days before big tournament

Blizzard showed us once again that they're the kind of company that maintains their games even after it's been a decade and a half since release. Yes, we are talking about the cult RTS Warcraft 3. This old but gold real-time strategy video game got a new patch just five days before Warcraft 3 Invitational. Warcraft 3 1.29 brings a lot of novelties into the game. This patch brought the rebalance of 17 heroes, long expected support for widescreen displays, new map rotation, as well as a support for up to 24 players on the same map. In the end, Warcraft 3 World Editor, can now generate even bigger and more detailed maps.

Warcraft 3

All these fantastic news arrive right before the big Warcraft 3 Invitational tournament. Blizzard invited the legendary Warcraft players to participate. 27. and 28. february, we will have an opportunity to watch the best Warcraft players skirmish in Free-For-All, 4v4s, and other friendly competitions. Of course, the entire event will be streamed on Twitch.

Naughty Dogs next game might not be in the third person

As we reported earlier, regarding this tournament, certain rumors started circling in the Warcraft community. Blizzard might use this as a chance to announce a remastered version of the game. We haven't got any response from Blizzard about the rumors. What we know for sure though, is that unlike Starcraft Remaster, this time there is no evidence about Warcraft remaster in the works.  It's most likely that the patch 1.29 is how Blizzard wanted to help players run Warcraft 3 on modern configurations. There is a question though - how about Warcraft 4?!

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