Warcraft 3: Return of the legend or empty rumors

It seems that Blizzard is preparing a huge surprise for all Warcraft fans. Recent rumors going around in eSports circles suggest that by the end of the month, Blizzard will organize a special tournament. Many believe that that's exactly where Blizzard will announce Warcraft 3 remaster. It seems that a large number of professional Warcraft players are momentarily seeking visas for United States. Among them are legends like Grubby, Foggy, Happy and Hawk. Happy and Hawk are momentarily in Serbia where they are working with US officials in order to obtain visas.

Warcraft 3

Rumors about return of Blizzard's cult RTS have been circling for quite some time. Warcraft 3 published in 2002, and its Frozen Throne expansion was published in 2003. This amazing game marked generations of gamers. Don't forget they were also a foundation for MOBA genre because of DOTA All-stars map that was hugely popular among players.


Warcraft 3 is completely easily played on modern configurations, but 15 years have passed and the game could use a good "facelift". We personally would like to see Warcraft remaster. Officially we know that by the end of the year, we are getting new World of Warcraft expansion, while Starcraft Remaster has been launched last year when original Starcraft became free to play. Do you think we are getting a remaster or did we blow these rumors out of the proportions due to the fact that we all truly want a Warcraft 3 remaster?!

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