Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

Experiencing discomfort or pain when urinating is not fun at all, but it could signify a much worse condition such as Prostate cancer. Before diving into the world of prostate cancer, let us do some digging into what the prostate gland itself meant. The prostate gland is an example of an exocrine gland that is part of the male reproductive system. Its primary function is to release a slightly alkaline fluid that and also it makes up part of the sperm.

Men above 50 years old are encouraged to test regularly to avoid discovering cancer too late or at an advanced level. The prostate is just between the urethra and the bladder, which explains why the pain is almost unbearable and there is a urinary involvement. So what are the signs that can make one suspect the fact that one may have prostate cancer?

The classic sign would be painful and frequent urination, especially at night. Other things that be seen and observed in addition to pain is the loss of bladder control. Such a man will find it hard to hold urine, hence either visit the loo often or face situations of urine dripping uncontrollably and unexpectedly.

Even though at the initial stages, prostate cancer develops slowly and the signs may also come up gradually, but on noticing blood in the urine as well as the decreased flow of one’s urine, one should get alerted and go for a checkup immediately. This is important to either rule out having cancer of the prostate gland or to confirm that one does not have prostate cancer. Bad eating habits can predispose one to prostate cancer as studies have shown that a man out of every seven men is liable to have prostate cancer. Many individuals experience waking up late at night to use the toilet quite frequently, but this can be a sign that individual is already a cancer patient.

Those are some of the very early warning signs that one may experience while living with cancer. These signs are not meant to be allowed to scare us, but one should feel empowered by getting to discover the cancerous cells at the initial stages, as the prognosis is way better than an already malignant and terminal stage cancer invasion. So when finds out that a couple of the conditions are being experienced, one should not hesitate to go screening tests. Other signs that may be seen are painful ejaculation, the presence of blood in not only the urine but also the sperm, pain in the bones, erectile dysfunction among other signs.

There are a couple of factors that predispose people to have cancer such as age, genetics, family history, diet, and lifestyle. Apart from the fact that old people are more likely to have the disease has been mentioned above, genetics is another major one. When one’s relative has suffered prostate cancer in the past, it makes one more likely to have it because genes are passed down from one generation to another. Living a not so healthy lifestyle with alcohol consumptions, eating meals with high saturated fat and so on have been found to be exposed to higher risk of having prostate cancer.

Lastly, the disease is one of the most common cancers among men in the world somehow it is more prevalent among African Americans in the United States. If a person finds himself in any of the categories mentioned above, live a healthy lifestyle and go for routine medical examinations. When diseases are diagnosed early, they are better managed, same goes for prostate cancer.

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