Could Google put pressure on Sony to release PS5 early?!

There are rumors circulating about Google getting ready to release its very own video game console, codenamed Yeti. Apparently, unlike Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4, this console won't focus on playing physical media. Instead, Google Yeti will solely rely on streaming. The question arises! Could Google force Sony's hand into releasing PS5 earlier than planned by putting pressure on Switch, Xbox One and PS4?

Sony PlayStation

If Google truly enters the video game consoles market, it will be a really interesting next-gen console battle. Will Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony be able to fight back against this heavyweight competitor that has all the resources needed in order to challenge them? We will have to wait and see.

For us, the players, these are good news actually. According to the source of these rumors, Google is even capable of streaming games to its existing ChromeCast hardware. Streaming video games means that players will be able to access more video games at a cheaper price.

The aspect of streaming video games is extremely interesting. We already seen it with Microsoft's recent Xbox Games Pass or popularly called "Netflix for video games". Will the gaming entertainment world move into the same direction the music and video entertainment worlds already moved? Will ownership model be replaced by an access model instead?

Xbox Game Pass

Will Sony respond by forcing the PS5 release date forward?

Regardless whether or not Google enters the console market, this is an exciting time for gamers. There truly seems to be some major changes on the horizon. Nintendo already stated that they believe in Switch. Shigeru Miyamoto said that he hopes that Switch will be even more popular in 2020 and that it might last longer than 5 years, which is usual life cycle of a console.  Microsoft is also trying lots of new things like Xbox Games Pass which is working great for them. And last but not least, there is Sony. Sony's future is looking bright thanks to huge userbase and high profile exclusives coming in 2018.

Battalion 1944 - Action packed old school WWII shooter

Could Google shake things up? It seems that a big publisher EA would gladly back up Google's console. Thing is, what if Google is the one to popularise video game streaming? If that happens, Microsoft already has their answer in a form of Xbox Games Pass but what about Sony? They will have no other choice but to push the PS5 release date forward.

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