Xbox Live free games for March 2018 with Gold

New freebies are coming to store to Xbox One and Xbox 360 players. The games free games that are released are often games that had popularity when launched, or simply games that mean a lot to us old school gamers. Due to this, the games become popular again as some of us gamers download these free games as an extra for our libraries. Here are some of this month's free games.

Xbox One

Trials of the Blood Dragon will be available for free for those Xbox One users. Trials of the Blood Dragon is a spin off  of the Far Cry series. Also ward-winning Superhot will be free this month. Superhot had a large fan-base as the game took in a different look on what an action game can be like. To give you a basic idea on what the game is like, the world moves as you move, and you can see the action in either high speed or in slow-mo. Both of these games will be available throughout the month, and you can also save them to your library to download them in a future.

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Xbox 360

Brave: The Video Game will be available during the first half of the month to Xbox 360 users. The games (as you can imagine) revolves around the story arc of the Disney movie Brave. You have to find the way to get your family back to normal exploring different parts of Scotland (the Brave version, but Scotland nonetheless). During the second half, Quantum Conundrum will be available to download. The first person puzzle game became popular as many of the puzzles were challenging and required some time to go through. Due to this, player spent a lot of time playing this game uncovering all of its secrets. Please note that every Xbox 360 game in this list is also playable in Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility.

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